I’ve been so lucky, over the years, to have been in the classroom with some really great kids. As a Montessori teacher, I often had the same kids in my class for three years. You really get to know each other in that time. That’s the part of teaching that I miss the most. Watching my students grow to become kind, compassionate, and bright kids who love to learn, has been the best part of being a teacher.

Some of my students desire to be writers some day. And I can see them becoming prolific at it. I’m fortunate to still be a part of their writing journeys. I love working with them on their stories. We talk about plot, structure, character, conflict, — everything I think about in my own writing life, and learned about in my MFA program. How amazing to see them grasp these concepts and apply them to their own writing.

These kids are voracious readers too. That they’ve agreed to read my books, and to share their thoughts, has been a joy and an honor. And as usual, I promised not to edit their thoughts.  So, here you are.

Three more reviews of the Redworld Series.

Book One: Homestead – A New Life on Mars

Molly, 5th grader, says:


I rate this book five stars. Belle leaves Earth – all her friends, activities, school and personal items – and moves to a new planet. Even though she is moving to Mars, Belle’s reluctant feelings on moving are very understandable. When she gets to Mars, it isn’t easy to get used to the new farm, neighbors and school friends. But, it looks like a fun adventure and the alien nature of everything makes me think of Star Wars! I would strongly recommend this book to sci-fi lovers and those who are moving.

Another 5th grader, Theo, adds his thoughts:

I like this book because it is science fiction and, my favorite genre is science fiction. I also like it because it has cool pictures of what could be Mars in the future. The scene that I like is when the Sulux people show the Songs how to make their house recognize them and uncover the real house that is hidden invisibly and that the little shack in the front of the real invisible house is actually the front porch.

Theo also read Book Two: Raiders — Water Thieves of Mars

I like this book because there is a lot of action going on in the book the scene that I like is when the neighbors’ kids group together to make some weapons for defenses. Belle makes some very cool petripuffs that paralyze the person that got hit by the puffs. Belle’s friend made something called a disrupter. It immediately disables a person’s body once the person hears the high pitch sound.


I want to thank all the kids who’ve reviewed the Redworld Series. If you’ve liked what they’ve said, and are intrigued by the stories, ask your local and school libraries to stock the series. They’re published by Capstone. A paperback version will be out in stores in February 2018.