The writing journey has taken a turn for me. So I thought I should update and get going on this blog. I’m still learning how to do this better, so it may take a while.

The best thing that has happened to me as a writer was beginning the MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults program at Hamline University.

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I’m in my second semester now. In this low-residency program I have met and been taught by amazing faculty. I have learned so much, but more than that, I have been treated with respect and care. I never really thought of myself as a writer, till I met Mary Rockcastle and her terrific faculty.

My first semester went by so fast, and I should have written about it then. But I want to go back and reiterate my thanks for the scholarship I was awarded back in January. It really gave me the confidence I needed to keep going with my writing.

Lerner Scholarship tweet

I tell my non-writing friends, I feel like I’m being taught by celebrities, because I am such fans of all the faculty’s work.

The students at Hamline’s MFAC are lovely too. So talented. So inspiring. Laura Hanson, a member of my class, won this semester’s scholarship for her picture book. Back Row Ninjas, we rock!

So, as I continue this learning journey, I hope to be better at blogging about it.