This title photo is fascinating, isn’t it? You know it’s not Earth, but it looks an awful lot like it. It has so much potential. It fires up the imagination, doesn’t it? It does for me.

Some time ago, I read an article – Astronomers had discovered several planets that might be able to sustain human life. And they weren’t too far away, well, by space standards. Later, we witnessed the terrible earthquakes that hit Japan and worries abounded around the meltdown of nuclear power plants.

My writer’s brain began to speculate – what if our life on Earth is coming to an end because we’ve drained it, exhausted its bounty, and just simply been careless with what we’ve been given? Our space programs are coming to an end, so the natural thing would be for private corporations to take over.

So, to put two and two together and make it equal five (that’s what a sci fi writer does, isn’t it?), I wondered what if. What if a private corporation created the technology for deep space travel? Who would volunteer for such a treacherous journey? In the early days of the space program, animals were sent out into orbit first, to determine if it was safe for humans.

So what if we created intelligent humans with no emotional ties to anyone on Earth to make this journey? What if they made it to one of these habitable planets? What would we do with them once their mission was complete?

And so began my journey with The Ark Chronicles.

Hopefully, this blog will become part of the journey too.

Here’s a link to the real story about this planet